Welcome to The IMG Event ™

Networking was never this fun!

Dr Sebas started The IMG Event during the summer of 2021 with the intent to bring support and sense of family to the international community. To make every IMG feel connected and know that no one is alone in this journey. The purpose of The Event is to network, support each other, and meet colleagues & study partners all along the same journey. We want to provide different opportunities and guide students on how to pursue their pathway to residency. Our very first Event was in 2021, where over 400 IMGs gathered to meet in Central Park. Since then, The Event has continued to develop and grow, to over 1000 IMGs coming together to the New York Event. Now, we have held Events in Chicago and even internationally, in New Delhi, India, followed by Karachi, Pakistan and soon, to many cities across USA and all over the world!


Meet amazing doctors from all over the world, find your mentors, study partners and colleagues in your same journey!


Listen the best advices from world known leaders in the medical community


Poster presentation, suturing workshop, art & painting, Da Vinci robotic surgery, interview preparation, among many others! Depending on the location of the event


Tons of giveaways are given at the events, during NYC event every participant got over $400 with of giveaways!

Cultural exchange

Exchange of cultures and in some events we also have food exchange! It's so fun and yummy..!

Residency contracts

Dr Conrad Fischer a well known PD from NYC will interview and sign some contracts at The IMG Event™ NYC!! Something never seen before anywhere else!

Biggest networking event for medical students and doctors from around the globe!


We are here for each other, respecting and helping each other

  • Gratitude
  • Support each other
  • Grow together
  • Sharing & caring for each other
  • Make the IMG community stronger
  • Empathy & kindness
  • Make you feel at home
  • If you take, also must give
  • Always be respectul
  • Never forget where you started
  • Always help the next generation

Next year we are bringing The IMG Event to many cities around the globe, and expecting an attendance of 1500-2000 IMGs in New York City 2023!! This is a medical revolution in networking, bringing support and creating an enormous international family of medical students and doctors. We hope to see YOU at the next event!

We are no longer just medical students and doctors studying alone in their homes. Now, we are the biggest growing international medical community! We have become a family of physicians and students from all around the world, that we are honored to meet, connect with, and learn from at all of our events!

We strive to empower IMGs with new and upcoming opportunities. That’s why we added optional scientific poster presentations to some of our Events! This will offer IMGs the opportunity to present their scientific work and findings to program directors and fellow doctors attending the event. This way we all learn together and develop new skills to build a stronger CV. We want this to be a great opportunity for IMGs to really show off!

It all started as a picnic in Central Park, and now we produced the event in many cities in the USA and across the globe!

Check our social media!

You can see in our social media platforms all the pictures and video about the event! Also here you can see all the blogs, posts by country, city, and explore all future events :)

Thank you for supporting The IMG Event™!


Evelyn Navarro, MD.

Simone Brown, M. Ed.



30 Oct, 2022

What are the benefits of attending to The IMG Event™?

You will meet a lot of amazing doctors and medical students from all over the world, meet study partners, have a great time and see that you are not alone in this, you will become part of this huge international family!!There a lot of extra perks, like listening to great...

30 Oct, 2022

How can I attend to The IMG Event™?

Each event is announce on instagram and twitter @theimgeventSome events are free and some you will need tickets (depending if it's just a local meet up or a big event that required a lot production)You can always check our social media or subscribe to this website for the latests updates...

30 Oct, 2022

How to network efficiency during the event?

1. Be prepare: Have your story ready to tell and introduce yourself to as many people as you can2. Do your research: A lot of Program Directors, Program Coordinators, Residents, and very well known doctors go to many of The IMG Events3. Sharing is caring: You can take something to...